FELLOW WORKERS SUDDENLY FEEL THE PANIC OF UNEMPLOYMENT – When I arrived at work on a Monday, there was an email stating “everyone was to attend a mandatory meeting in the conference room at 10am.” No big deal since we had meetings quite often. But this email had a sinister tone to it. Plus, the CEO had been absent for the past 2 days in meetings at corporate HQ.

Some of us thought he was being replaced. We were wrong.

At 10am sharply, the head of corporate HR, plus an army of lieutenants, marched into the room and without so much as a hello, announced coldly “as of 9am this morning, our company has ceased operations and is officially shut down.”

After the sudden outburst of tears from many in the room who didn’t expect it, they announced there were boxes outside our offices, and we were to pack our desks promptly after meeting with an HR representative.

The impact of this event on most of the staff was brutal. That’s because they were unprepared to be thrust out into the world of unemployment. I however, saw this coming for several months. When your company fails to make its numbers for several years, the gig is eventually up. Seeing the writing on the wall, I began a process of building a current resume and portfolio for such an occasion.

The process I undertook was to focus on defining:

  • What my perfect job looked like
  • What made me the happiest in my career
  • What skills and experience I had accumulated
  • How to find a perfect fit for those skills in the workplace

The result was not only extraordinary, but also swift. By focusing on a perfect fit rather than just any old job, I was able to bypass jobs that would have put me right back into the same mess I came from. My goal was to finally achieve true happiness by doing what I loved – and what I was best suited for!

Getting laid off or put out of work is scary. But it is also an opportunity to focus yourself to find a perfect fit that will pay dividends for years to come. It is an opportunity to find YOUR perfect job.

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